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Download our "Rabies Reader" app from the Play Store or App Store to use with your Avid Mini Tracker 3-B® microchip scanner.

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Who are we?

Veripet Rescue Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals and to increase the caring / well-being of all pets through financial incentives, donations, increased rabies vaccinations and microchipping. These elements provide security, vaccine assuredness and convenience to those who care for pets.



Free Vetrinary Medical Records (VMR)

Veripet provides a free medical record system to store and manage pet's records. Pet owners, vets, SPCA, shelters and smaller, independent rescue organizations can access our system so they may focus their energies on caring for pets instead of wasting time and resources on managing a software system.

Pet Owners

Your pet's Pawmit provides a hassle free way to show your pet's service provider and others he or she is properly vaccinated against rabies.

Is your pet unDOGumented?

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Be handsomely compensated by Veripet for certifying a pet's rabies vaccination records and let us drive new patients to your practice. 216-755-5579 increases your ca$h flow and eliminates time consuming vaccination check calls.

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Rescues and Shelters


Veripet Analytics provides needful rescue and shelter organizations financial donations and FREE access to a Vetrinary Medical Record (VMR) system to help them track a pet's health history.

Offer your adopters free on-line rabies vaccination certification for the life of the pet with a donated 561-209-8439 .


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Government Agencies


A rabies tag hung from a collar of a pet is not proof that the pet has been vaccinated. At Veripet we "Vet the Pet" and "Vet the Vet" to provide the government agency a high level of confidence the pet is properly vaccinated. We also provide the SPCA the same free access to our (626) 993-4814 as for private shelters.

Assured Compliance

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Service Providers

(949) 202-7266

Pet service providers are well aware they have a requirement to ensure a pet is properly vaccinated for rabies prior to providing their services, be it walking, grooming, etc. At Veripet we "Vet the Pet" so you don't have to.


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Easy Ways to Certify and "Know Your Pet"